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Residential Interior Design Service

Excella Furniture and Design Company offer the creation of build – in with professional team for different kinds of resident. We corporate with contractor or the company will be able to contract ourselves with reducing the charge of design for various resident such as condominium, mansion, house etc…

Project Interior Design Service

Excella Furniture and Design Company offer interior design service with professional team. Planning Interior design for presenting to project owner who is looking for planning the interior design prior the operation of building in several project. For example, apartment, condominium, hotel, hospital, dormitory etc…

Process For Design

  1. For customer who already own a property would like us to plan interior design can sent a description to our company E – mail with identify the basic of designing and mention to us in which part that you would like to design including your favorite decoration or attach a plan that you prefer.
  2. For customer who have not own a property can make appointment to measure the job area [will be extra charge 3,000 Bath for entrance the job area. If you prefer the company to planning the interior can be discount in design service.
  3. Summarizing the total charge in design, calculating from the size of the property and conclude the detail of requirement and style that you prefer.
  4. Receiving a deposit of designing in the summarized charging. If we received a deposit. We will give you “a layout plan” in furniture collocation than you can check and editing in the way that you need.
  5. We will plan into 3D picture for customer to consider. In this process if you like to edit or change can be change in 3 times than we correct the design of 3D when its meet your satisfaction. We will doing as shop drawing [Total of all interior design] to pass it to building contractor to calculate of charge or will be the plan into interior design in the next stage.

Build in Furniture Service

Excella Furniture and design company producing Furniture build – in by professional sophisticated technician emphasize on quality, beauties, and long lasting , be able to produce in the design that the company have plan or producing follow the design that you prefer.

Process for Build in Furniture

  1. Receive Furniture design and detail from customer to calculate the best price prior contracted interior design.
  2. Signings the contract of interior design [In the case that there are increasing or reducing size, material in the process will be more expenditure in reducing work, increasing work.
  3. Company will produce furniture in duration which in the contract than sent the description to customer.